Posted in October 2016

ELNA Board Elections 2016 — Candidates for the Board

At the November 14th 2016 ELNA meeting, 7pm at New York School, ELNA members will vote for the 2016-2017 ELNA Board.  Of these 15 candidates alphabetically listed below, 13 will be selected.  President Aaron Paden is required by the bylaws to serve on the ELNA Board for the coming year, for a total of 14 … Continue reading »

November ELNA Meeting — Board Elections

Turn out and vote for your ELNA Board at our next meeting, Monday November 14th, 2016. The ELNA Board Election vote has been delayed one week from the usual first Monday of the month in deference to the General Election. The entire November ELNA meeting of November 14th will be turned over to election business, … Continue reading »

Block Party Thanks!

Thanks for coming, neighbors! So nice to see you!  Take a peek at the Block Party 2016 pictures.  And special thanks to these folks: Aaron Paden, Alicia Kelly, Beth and Jay Holley, Blue O’Leary, Brad Eldridge, Brad Gibson, Byron James and Christen Buie and Sugarfoot Detour, Cari Davis, Catharine Reed. Charlie Bryan and Lawrence Loop, Community Village Lawrence, Cottin’s Hardware, Dave Loewenstein, Diane Lehman. Emily Myers, Eric Farnsworth, Eric Jay, Eric Kirkendall … Continue reading »